Streamline the Bathroom in Your Grand Rapids, MI Home with a Walk In Shower

Walk In Shower Grand Rapids MIAdding a walk in shower to a bathroom in your Grand Rapids, Michigan home can go a long way in streamlining the room and making it feel more spacious. If you’re considering ditching your old tub for a new, sleek shower, the home improvement experts at Rainbow Seamless Systems can help you. We specialize in quality, affordable home upgrades that make our Northern Michigan customers’ lives better. Our skilled, manufacturer-trained technicians can quickly and flawlessly install your new shower, so you’ll be enjoying your renovated bathroom in no time. Many installations take as little as one day.

When you choose us as your remodelers, you not only get a team of licensed and insured professionals to handle your project, but you also get top-notch products that will last a long time. We have a variety of walk in shower options that you can customize with your choice of color or finish, like alabaster white, Calcutta gold, or Sierra marble. You can also choose simulated tile designs that look gorgeous but come with none of the hassle of scrubbing grout. To customize your shower even more, you can add seating, grab bars, recessed soap dishes, corner caddies, and more.

Perhaps most importantly, all of our bathroom upgrade products are made of a 100 percent non-porous acrylic that has several benefits, including:

  • Durability: It won’t crack, peel, or chip
  • A slip-resistant surface: So there’s no need for a shower mat
  • Ease of cleaning: Your new shower will be infused with Silver Shield® anti-microbial protection, which resists viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew, so all your shower needs is a wipe-down from time to time

We’re positive you will love your new walk in shower – so positive that we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee on our products and services.

To learn more about having a walk in shower installed in your Grand Rapids, MI home, contact us today. We would be happy to help turn your bathroom into a comfortable, beautiful space.