JacuzziⓇ Walk-In Tubs

The perfect mix of safety and luxury. JacuzziⓇ walk-in tubs have all the industry leading features you expect from the industry leader in jetted tubs. Soak as long as you want with an in-line water heater that keeps the water at the perfect temperature. The new FAST FILL™ faucet is nearly twice as fast as the previous one and the FAST DRAIN™ technology empties in nearly half the time.

JacuzziⓇ walk-in tub with door open


For those independent souls advancing in years, tubs and showers present one of the biggest risks for falls and injury. For their loved ones, slip and fall dangers are a source of worry and concern. All JacuzziⓇ walk-in tubs are designed with safety in mind. Featuring slip resistant floors, raised seats, and grab handles. These walk-in tubs have the lowest possible entryway for easy entry and exit; even for folks with limited mobility. Bath time can again be a source of enjoyment – not anxiety.



JacuzziⓇ walk-in tub. Chromotheraphy lights, hydrotherapy jetsHydrotherapy in the convenience of your own home. Using hot or cold water with jets of water or air takes an ancient treatment for aches and pains and puts you in control. Enjoy lower stress, better circulation, and gentle massage. We’ve combined the therapy of a spa with the relaxation of chromotherapy – light enhanced relaxation. Other ailments receive relief from JacuzziⓇ walk-in tubs that just aren’t possible with a traditional showers and tubs.


JacuzziⓇ walk-in tub controls


Since 1950, JacuzziⓇ has been obsessed with quality – both in design and construction. Featuring highly ergonomic designs, optimal jet placement, and slip resistant high-gloss acrylic that will never chip – and will look great for years to come. Jets have no moving parts to break or wear out. They simply provide Aquilibrium – the perfect mix of air and water as only JacuzziⓇ can deliver. All of our luxury features are within convenient reach and are simple to operate.



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