Gutter Helmet FAQ blog

Gutter Helmet FAQ

Gutter Helmet is a patented gutter protection system that is installed over gutters to keep debris out while still allowing rainwater to flow through freely. It protects the home from ...
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Walk-in tubs coverage and financing

Walk-In Tubs: Coverage and Financing Questions

Are Walk-In Tubs Covered by Medicaid? While the Federal Medicare program doesn’t cover walk-in tubs, if you’re eligible for Medicare, (State and Federal) Medicaid might help. In Michigan, there are ...
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Roof Ice Damage 101 Featured image: icicles hang off of a roof

Roof Ice Damage 101: Prevention and Solutions

It’s never a bad time to talk about roof ice, either from a prevention or a remedy standpoint.  We’d like to take a minute to answer a few common questions ...
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