Hard Water Stain Treatment Blog Featured Image With Rust Stained Tub - Rainbow Seamless

Hard Water Stains And How To Treat Them

Hard Water Stains Traverse City │Hard Water Stains Treatment Traverse City  Hard Water Stains and How to Treat Them A water treatment system is necessary to keep hard water stains ...
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Roof Ice Damage 101 Featured image: icicles hang off of a roof

Roof Ice Damage 101: Prevention and Solutions

It’s never a bad time to talk about roof ice, either from a prevention or a remedy standpoint.  We’d like to take a minute to answer a few common questions ...
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water odor: girl looking with suspicion on a glass with clean water - learn about water smell

What to Do About Water Smell and Odor

Many causes exist as to why your water is emitting an offensive odor. The first thing people want to know is whether their water is safe to drink. Most of ...
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disgusting brown water out of a faucet into a sink

What To Do About Iron In Water

Iron in Hard Water│Traverse City What to Do About Iron in Hard Water Traverse City has a problem with hard water, which causes soap scum, spots on dishes, and bathtub ...
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water pouring, brakes surface of water

How To Determine If You Need A Water Softener

Water Softener Traverse City │ Hard Water Treatment Traverse City How to Determine if You Need a Water Softener Homeowners in Traverse City are familiar with hard water and soft ...
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up close view of a faucet. Underneath view shows calcification

12 Signs You Have Hard Water

Hard water is present when there is a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals; mainly the aforementioned calcium and magnesium. Hard water leaves ...
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